• Skeleton guitarist themed large back patch perfect for music lovers and bikers
  • Add a touch of rock nostalgia to your biker jacket with this guitarist skeleton large patch
  • Biker jacket accessory featuring embroidered guitarist skeleton theme
  • Biker jacket accessory for musicians embracing a guitarist skeleton theme
  • Biker jacket artistry at its best with this rock guitarist skeleton themed back patch
  • Celebrate your love for music and biking with this embroidered guitar skull patch
  • Embroidered iron on back patch with guitarist skeleton design for rock enthusiasts
  • Give your jacket a rock and roll edge with this guitar skull large patch
  • Iron on rock guitar skull patch enhancing biker jacket looks with edgy artistry
  • Music and motorcycle fusion embroidered iron on back patch with rock guitar skull design
  • Perfect iron on patch for guitarists and bikers rock guitar skull themed accessory
  • Rock and roll themed back patch featuring guitar skull design for biker apparel
  • Rock guitarist skeleton theme large patch for edgy wardrobe enhancements
  • Rock guitar skull large patch showcasing edgy design for biker jackets
  • Skeleton playing guitar embroidered back patch ideal for musician biker fusion
  • Embroverse

Rock Guitar Skull Large Patch – Biker Jacket Accessory – Guitarist Skeleton Theme, Embroidered Iron-On Back Patch


SKU: Rock_Guitar_Skull_Parent

SIZE 1: 9.4 x 13 inches (24 x 33 cm)
SIZE 2: 11.6 x 16.1 inches (29.4 x 40.9 cm)

9.4 x 13 inches
11.6 x 16.1 inches
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