Shipping patches:

We sell patches all over the world, at different marketplaces, so we have several warehouses with finished products in Canada, USA, and Europe. We try to ensure that the entire range of patches is always available in all our warehouses, in sufficient quantity.

Delivery is carried out by regular postal services, in the USA – USPS, Feedex, UPS, TNT in Canada Feedex, Canada Post, in Europe – various delivery services, depending on the country.

Cost of delivery:

Shipping cost depends on your country and region. All parcels have a tracking number. After sending the parcel, we will inform you about it.

US – $4.99 to $6.50
Canada – $9.00 to $15.00
Europe – $6.50

We often ship patches across the United States via FBA (Amazon), so you can be assured of guaranteed and fast delivery.

Estimated delivery time:
The delivery time depends on the country and region where the delivery will be carried out.

USA – 5-15 business days
Canada – 5-30 business days
Europe – 10-15 business days

You can always opt for premium shipping and receive your order much faster.

We are constantly working to reduce the delivery time and cost.

FAQ about delivery:

I tracked the parcel by tracking number, it was delivered, but I did not receive anything.

Unfortunately, this situation happens sometimes and there is always risk in online shopping. But you understand that the sender is not to blame for this? First of all, ask your neighbors, maybe the postman made a mistake with the house or apartment number, maybe you weren’t at home, and he left the parcel to the neighbors, but they forgot about it? Maybe someone from your family took the package and forgot to give it to you.
If none of these options helped, we advise you to contact the nearest office of the postal service that delivers and file a complaint with them.

Why is my package taking so long?

This usually happens on holidays and pre-holidays, when there are a lot of parcels, and delivery services cannot cope with the volume of correspondence. Therefore, we recommend making purchases in advance to avoid these misunderstandings.

We also cannot be held responsible for delays due to force majeure circumstances such as strikes, fires, floods, hurricanes, epidemics, government orders, etc.

I live in Canada or USA, near your office, can I come to you and pick up my package, and not pay for delivery?

Unfortunately, you cannot. We only sell online, and we do not have permission to trade for cash, and our warehouse office in Canada works in order fulfillment.

Why is the shipping cost more expensive than the patch?

We send all parcels with a tracking number.
Shipping cost depends on weight, you buy one patch or 20 patches, the shipping price does not change.
You pay once for delivery.

Free Shipping – Do you understand that this is a hoax? No transport company will work for free. This is just a marketing ploy by sellers to lure naive buyers. One way or another, the cost of delivery is included in the cost of the goods. And when you buy 2 or 10 items with Free Shipping, you pay 2 or 10 times the full shipping cost.
We do not deceive our buyers, so you pay the real shipping and patches.
But, we can always offer a discount or free shipping if you buy multiple patches.